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Strange Delivery Part 2 [Jul. 16th, 2007|06:25 pm]
In February I received a strange and anonymous envelope in the post. Inside it was a tiny blue model plane with no further documentation. Even stranger, the envelope featured my name and address in print along with a rare Beatles stamp and a small plane symbol. Even stranger still, it appeared to have been sent from Southampton and I don’t know anyone who has been there this year. After a detailed investigation I still have no idea who sent it or why. The original blog post about this occurrence can be found here:


Now, several months later, the mystery sender strikes again! Today I received a similarly bizarre envelope in the post; a scanned image of which can be found below:

Right, lets consider the evidence:

1) As you can see, my name and address has been typed in a similar manner to the last letter, but there are also a series of numbers present.

2) Instead of a plane symbol, there is a poor quality aerial photograph of what looks like a motorway junction.

3) The sender has moved on from classic rock and has this time chosen an Egyptian themed stamp, which contains the message 'Rub fezzes with your finger to find pyramid'. I am yet to rub the fezzes, because it could release anthrax and I also want to keep the evidence intact.

4) Finally, there are postal markings in the form two rows of luminous orange lines, which were also present on the last letter. On the back is a faint ink stamp that reads:


I don't know where to begin with analysing this evidence, but there are certainly plenty of clues. The question is whether or not these are meaningful or just appear to be when in fact they are completely random. Either way there’s only so much I can learn, which is basically nothing. I don’t know much about postal markings so if anyone has any specific information on those present here; please feel free to share it.

And now onto the more worrying part of today’s mystery…

Inside the envelope this time was a single Greek bank note to the value of 100,000 Drachma. Both sides of this note have been scanned for the image below:

The note is extremely old and frail, and very worryingly, it appears to be covered in dried blood stains. I suppose it could be ink or dyed water, but it certainly looks like blood and I guess whoever sent it was trying to give that impression. After a bit of research I have discovered that the Drachma is no longer in circulation and has been replaced by the Euro, but I decided to covert the currency to pound sterling anyway and it comes to the value of £198.66.

I don't know anyone who lives in Greece and whilst I do know a couple people who have been on holiday there this year, I find it unlikely that they would have acquired this note during their trip. Furthermore, they are not the kind of people likely to send such a thing.

So that’s about it, no documentation, no clear message or intent, just this single bank note. One thing is for sure though; this can no longer be explained as a random gag. It appears to be the makings of a long term stalking campaign and I think it’s reasonable to expect another delivery within a few months.

Another interesting fact is that I recieved both letters after recovering from mild illness. The first came after a particularly bad cold, whilst this one arrived following a week spent in bed with some sort of flu thing. Is this a mere coincidence? Perhaps... but perhaps not.

I will finish with a quote from my last post:

“What the hell? Who sent me this? Why?”

P.S. I still highly suspect that Kim Laughton has something to do with this.

From: tralaz
2007-07-17 08:54 am (UTC)
Hahaha, this is great

Perhaps you're being encouraged to visit egypt or greece.

Looks like blood, shit or coffee on the note.

I eagerly await your next illness (that's kind of harsh I know) to see what else pops up in this saga.

And is there any relation between the plane and this? Travel to egypt via plane? hmm

Nice crisp scan by the way.
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